Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer

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A podcast where we review the mass-produced beers and discuss their place in our culture, politics, history, and economy. And of course get wildly off course and laugh like crazy people
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 29: The Nashville Episode with Dustin Alvis

    How do you introduce Nashville?  It isn’t easy folks.  The capital of three states pretending to be one, known far and wide as the Music City, Nashville is the delicate tendon connecting Deep Southern west Tennessee to Appalachian east Tennessee, an urban asterisk punctuating and dominating the agricultural middlelands. Nashville ...


  2. Episode 28: Singha Beer with Christopher Kolakowski

    Thailand is a country dominated by macrobrews – strict beer and brewing laws mean that craft and home brewing are nearly absent from the nation (at least legally).  Not only that, it remains a nation in which locally brewed beers remain the dominant type.  Today’s beer is the flagship of ...


  3. Episode 27: Einstök White Ale and Toasted Porter with Smilin' Mike Mason and Squire Brendan Roche

    What happens when a tiny Scandinavian nation ends a 68 year long prohibition on beers over 2.25% alcohol by volume?  Hold up.  What happens when some American brewers, only a few years later, fall in love with that same nation’s legendarily delicious ...


  4. Episode 26: Presidente with Lori Rouse Mann

    From its independence in 1844 until the year 1916, well, the Dominican Republic had a rough go of it.  More than 50 presidents came and went, as well as 19 different constitutions.  Instability was the name of the game, and was only to grow worse as the world ...


  5. Episode 25: Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor with Squire Brendan Roche

    Close your eyes.  Unless your driving, of course. C’mon.  I don’t even know why I have to say that. Sheesh.  But otherwise close your eyes.  Imagine the coolers, foggy and pleasant, of your favorite grocery or gas station.  You want a beer, but what to buy?  You’re not sure, but ...