Episode 23: Hofbräu Original with Hank McCarthy

January 11, 2019

Alois Hingerl was the hardest working porter in the Munich railway station.  He worked with great fervor and passion, so much so that he worked himself to death, having only two vices – a love of snuff and beer. He lived such a noble life that Saint Peter made him an angel and sent him on a mission of mercy, to provide wise and sage advice to the leaders of his mother city.  

Alas, Himmel has neither tobacco nor beer, and Alois, now dubbed Aloisius by the divine powers, found himself craving a snort and a nip.  He detoured, as most of us would, to the home of his favorite tipple, the Hofbräuhaus, intending to pour back on mass and then continue along his mission.  Alas for the politicians of Bavaria, Aloisius was so sorely moved by the beer that he never left the Haus and remains there, an angelic, blue-collar zythophile, overseeing the beating heart of everything good about his homeland. 

Today we’re talking about the beer that tempted Aloisius away from his divine mission, arguably the beer most identified with the land most identified with beer, a beer that is opening beer gardens and restaurants around the world while clinging to its local identity.  

Today, on Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer, we’re talking about Hofbräu Original. 


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