Episode 16: Hamm's

October 19, 2018

Chef, writer, and food librarian Sara Bir wrote something beautiful about today’s beer, and I’d like to start things off with a quote from it:

Hamm’s tastes like freedom. Freedom to get a good buzz after work on a Tuesday evening when daylight lasted until 9-ish. Freedom to be constantly broke-all but still buy decent brie. Freedom to squander time on hopeless crushes and aimless solo hikes. I may not scale mountains or go to rock shows that conclude at 2 a.m., but I can still dig on an ideal, and when I want to indulge in a can of shitty summertime beer, Hamm’s delivers every time.

That’s right folks, today we’re reviewing a beer from Minnesota, a beer that has some of the most legendary breweriana and advertising associated with it of any quaff, a beer that as famous for its mascot as its actual product, and a beer that until recently no one I knew had ever tried.

Today, on Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer, we’re talking about Hamm’s.


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