Episode 1: Miller Genuine Draft with Mr. Brent Treash

July 02, 2018

Today, as we introduce the world to our scrappy little show, we find ourselves reviewing a beer that grew up with Generation-X, first market tested in 1985 and nationally distributed the following year.  This quadrupally cold-filtered American adjunct lager was originally marketed as a draft-quality beer built on the bones of Miller High Life; the Champagne of Beers on tap, but with superior portability.  Today, however, it sells itself as the anti-microbrew, hanging its hat on slogans like, “Its time for beer to quit acting like wine,” and “It’s time for a good-old macro-brew.”  And while it hearkens itself to a by-gone age when seemingly all-American macros were built and bottled in the bounteous bosom of the blue-collar upper Midwest, insisting that, “Its time to drink beer imported all the way from Milwaukee,” in fact few beers are less attached to a particular geographic location, having originally been brewed in North Carolina, but now brewed in Georgia, Texas, Colorado, California, Ohio, and yes, Milwaukee. 

Today, on Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer, we’re talking about Miller Genuine Draft.

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