Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer

--- Eric Drummond Smith ---

A podcast where we review the mass-produced beers and discuss their place in our culture, politics, history, and economy. And of course get wildly off course and laugh like crazy people
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6: Coors Banquet with Ms Lauren Singleton

    In 1868 a young Rhenish Prussian gentleman immigrates to the United States, working various odd jobs and gradually making his way across the American continent until 1873 when he establishes Golden Brewing in Golden, Colorado, brewing his beer with the cold waters of the Clear Creek Watershed.  While the ...


  2. Episode 5: Iron City Beer with Cam Bell

    Founded in 1861, the Pittsburgh Brewing Company has experienced every imaginable trial and trouble in its long history – its story is reminiscent of virtually all those regional brewers that survived both Prohibition and the rise of macrobreweries.  There are a lot of ways I could introduce today’s beer, but none ...


  3. Episode 4: Tsingtao with Callie Hietala

    In 1903, as the Qing Dynasty waned a group of German brewers on the Shandong Peninsula established the aptly named Germania-Brauerei, offering a taste of Europe in the midst of the German concessions in Northeast China. Soon, however, the Brewery would undergo a series of transformations mirroring those taking place ...


  4. Episode 3: Busch Beer with Special Co-Host Brendan Roche and Guest Smilin' Mike Mason

    Originally intended as a beer for those who loved classic Bavarian-style pilsners, and once sold in bottles designed to look like beer steins, these days today’s beer is more likely to be found attired in blaze orange, camouflage, NASCAR emblems, or fishing-inspired images.  Despite its apparent market changes, it ...


  5. Episode 2: Bud Light with Squire Brendan Roche

    It is the best-selling beer in the United States, the third best-selling on Earth, a yellow beverage that is so ubiquitous that the only thing as large as its presence on supermarket and convenience store shelves is its advertising presence.  The great cold war between multinational beer corporations rages ...