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A podcast where we review the mass-produced beers and discuss their place in our culture, politics, history, and economy. And of course get wildly off course and laugh like crazy people
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 19: Kokanee with Callie Hietala - Gone Squatchin'

    The Alutiiq nation names him as neginla eh while the Bella Coola call him boqs. The Chinook people refer to him as skookum while the Cree call him wetiko. The Inuit know him as urayuli, the Lummi nation tell stories about the ts'emekwes, and the Tlingit? Why they thrill their children with whispers of the kushtaka. Most of us, however, know him ...


  2. Episode 18: Knoxville Beers Part II: Printshop Beer Company's Something More Than Night Smoked Porter and Alliance Brewing's Mandarina Blonde with Justin Smith

    Last week we started something we were not prepared to finish.  Our eyes were bigger than our mouths.  This week, well, we finish our meal.   Today, on Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer, we're talking about Printshop Beer Company's Something More Than Night Smoked Porter and Alliance Brewing's Mandarina ...


  3. Episode 17: Knoxville Beers Part I: World's Fair Beer with Justin Smith

    In 1982 something happened in Knoxville, Tennessee that shocked the world – dare I say it, it probably shocked Knoxville itself.  Knoxville became home to the World’s Fair.By all accounts the event was a great success – today artifactual vestiges are scattered throughout the leafy hills of old ...


  4. Special Episode 2: Budweiser Budvar with Lieutenant Nathan Fortner & Simpler Times Lager with Smilin' Mike Mason and Squire Brendan Roche

    Today is a little different than usual.  We are combining a tele-review sent in from England via the mysterious INTERNETS from the elegant Nathan Fortner of a beer we look forward to trying ourselves, Budweiser Budvar, with a totally unplanned special review of the WORST BEER WE HAVE EVER HAD, ...


  5. Episode 16: Hamm's Beer with Trevor Smith, Callie Hietala, Justin Smith, and Brent Treash

    Chef, writer, and food librarian Sara Bir wrote something beautiful about today’s beer, and I’d like to start things off with a quote from it: Hamm’s tastes like freedom. Freedom to get a good buzz after work on a Tuesday evening when daylight lasted until 9-ish. Freedom to ...